Focus Clearly

Focus is the other important aspect of Discipline. You need to find clarity in your purpose for achieving goals. If you are unsure of your target, how can you hit it if you cannot see it clearly?

There are elements to focus that you need to have:

There are many elements to focus that you need to have. Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, it needs to be a goal. It just cannot be something off in the future that you want “someday”. Someday may never arrive. Put that thing in your head as if it is already here. Picture it. Keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Clutter, disorganization, too many choices are all enemies of focus. They are simply distractions. You need to clean up your environment. Personally, I cannot focus at my desk if it is cluttered with papers. Any clutter in my life can not be tolerated. Psychologically it seriously drives me crazy. My functionality dwindles to the point that any disorganization causes me to take my eye off what is needed to be done. It is necessary to clean up the distraction, whatever it is. The bottom line is, be organized to be really be focused. Again, I quote Jordan Peterson, “Clean up your room”.

Prioritize. You might have many different goals to achieve. There is always something that should be at the head of the pack. If other tasks are minimal, take care of them. Take them off the list so that your attention can be put on the most important one. Many people have luck with journaling. It is an old school technique that you use to write down the tasks at hand. It gives you a visual of what needs to be accomplished in a time frame. There is only one thing everyone needs to do, stop procrastinating and get started. You need to start. Start now.

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