Yes, I am that guy. 
 The guy that everyone said walked a different road. 
 Growing up I was a small guy, big ears, glasses, the perfect target to be picked on. 
 Back then it was “just kids being kids”, today it is called bullying. 
 Back in the day, nobody called it out … you just dealt with it. 
 In my head, I was the big athletic guy, not a “victim”. 
 I prayed daily that would be true.
 Eventually my body grew into my size 12 shoes. 
 My ears magically came back to my head.
 Glasses were replaced with contact lenses.
 Those days forced a decision to change my life and chart my own path. 
 Every day I chose to be better than the day before.
 That demanded complete discipline and focus. 
 This journey started at age 15.  

 Consequences of actions are calculated over and over before a decision is made. 
 Decision making is paramount.  Right or wrong, one must make decisions. 
 Indecisiveness will not let you move forward. 
 Remember this:  One decision can change the course of your life. 
 One bad decision can affect years and years of your life. 
 God’s presence in my life guides me to weigh consequences before making decisions. 
 To change your life, you have to make a decision.   
 Sometimes you need to go in another direction.
 Make the decision. TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.
 The choice, is always ours.

My Passion

  1. Strive For Perfection, but understand we can never reach it because only God is perfect.  Strive anyway.
  2. Learn something new everyday.  Be self taught.
  3. Try to make good decisions, but make decisions. 
  4. Reach out and bring light to others in need.  Pull them up.
  5. Exercise and eat healthy.  
  6. Be open to all ideas. Share with others those ideas.
  7. Go to church, have faith.  It is a key to discipline.

My Goals

My goal is to reach as many people as possible to bring hope and love so they can share it with others.  Know, DISCIPLINE is the key to everything in your life.  Through Discipline and Focus every aspect of your life will change!

I Promise.

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