Say NO


No. Power Word #1

No is one of the keywords to establishing discipline. The power to create change in your life starts with the word NO.

Think about your ability to say no. Do you have the inside fortitude to turn down things that are not in your best interest? Temptations are around each and everyone one of us. Saying no can literally save your life. How? Let’s use decisions in our example.

How many times have you been asked to do things in your life that you knew was not the correct choice? How many times did you just go along with everybody in the group and join them? The groupthink mentality. The betting money would be on the majority of people just can not say no. Now think about how many times this has happened in the past for you. How many times has this turned out to be not a stellar moment in your life? Remember, one decision, just one stupid decision could wreck your life.

Now think again about very common life scenarios:

  • Going out because everyone is going out.
  • Drinking excessively because of the pressure of being left out from everyone there.
  • Getting into a car with someone who is in no condition to drive, or you getting into a car to drive home even though you are not capable.
  • Eating food that is totally unhealthy and you know it but do it anyway.
  • Getting into compromising decisions made due to peer pressure.
  • Taking Drugs.

This list could go on forever. Take a bit of time and think about all of the events of your life that this has happened.

Let’s think deeper, not regrets. Let’s think about some of the past decisions that could have easily changed your life forever. Getting a ticket for a DWI can have consequences for 10 years or more. Moreover, a drunk driving accident might not only change your life but the lives of many innocent people. People, who were, as insurance companies always say, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stupid decisions that could have been easily avoided with the word NO. Getting into these circumstances can possibly wreck your life along with others.

Say NO to all of the things that do not make you better today or tomorrow. YOU KNOW WHEN TO SAY NO. Saying no empowers you. Develop the discipline to do the right thing. The choice is always ours to make.

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