What does it mean to be disciplined? In my opinion, it means controlling your thoughts, actions, and behaviors that will be beneficial for every aspect of your life. It is having faith in God, a healthy diet/lifestyle, exercise, and fostering positive relationships.

It really comes down to having the ability to control your mind. It is about making choices that are positive and make your life better, not only today but for the tomorrows.

Simple decisions can bring structure and the formation of habits.

  1. Have faith. Make it a point to pray, not only in the morning but before you go to sleep.
  2. Refuse to consume anything that you know is detrimental to your health. We all know eating sugar is literally eating poison. Practice turning down that piece of cake or cookie.
  3. Refuse alcohol and drugs when everyone around you thinks it is the thing to do. Instead, have a club soda with a splash of lemon.
  4. Exercise. Simply exercise. Start out simple, a walk. Walk, then run. Run. Run faster. Do one push up. Do 5 pushups. It is a progression of being stronger and faster with every new day.
  5. Keep Gratitude on the forefront of your thoughts. Be grateful and content on what you have.  Do not dwell on the what-ifs of life.
  6. Keep the mindset that every day you will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow is going to be better than today.

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