Peace of Mind

Peace Of Mind

It is found within each and everyone of us

The most important thing we need in our lives is Peace of Mind. It isn’t about having the most money, the best house, the expensive car, the jewelry, vacations throughout the world, etc. It is having the tranquility within your self that every human strives for.

The pressures that the external world puts on each and every one of us is simply, overwhelming. It comes at us in all directions. Every ad, every commercial spout a need for something that we perceive mistakenly that we really, really want. The fact is, we don’t. How often do you find this artificial want within yourself that in the end you succumb, get it, and find out you did not need it? You ask yourself, why did I do that?

You see this with parents and children. The child cries, “I want that, I want that” and the parents relent and satisfy that want. In a short while, that thing that was so important lies dormant somewhere unused.

That example applies to each and every human. This artificial need to possess something that is transient. Walk around your home. Look around. How many things sit unused, the only thing it is doing is taking up space. Look at your clothes. You will find that you wear probably 20% of your clothing and shoes in the closet and dresser the majority of the time. Why do you need 80% more than what you really use? Think about it. The more choices we have, the less happy we are. One of the best books I ever read is by Psychologist Barry Schartz. It was called the Paradox of Choice. In essence, he believes that the more choices we have, the less happy we are. The stress of making decisions just adds to our angst.

The next time you think you need something, take a breath. Something I have learned to do is have patience for everything in your life. I never worry about having to pull the trigger on anything immediately. I let it marinate, think about the consequences, and take time to see if it is really necessary and needed. There is ALWAYS an opportunity in the future. Never make decisions to purchase or obtain something because you think you will lose your opportunity. My motto has always been, whatever you desire, will come to you in time and at the right time. They always do. All things in time.

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