New Year

New Year. A New Beginning.


A New Year! Every year, we start this new beginning, this new journey. Every ad we see involves gym memberships, exercise equipment, diets, on and on. It is predictable, it is in every conversation, it is incessant.

Is there any real meaning to it? Within weeks all of this, fervor evaporates along with any motive. Seemingly everyone falls into the same old, same old habits. Why? Here is that word again: DISCIPLINE. It keeps popping up because the majority of people lack the ability to make meaningful changes to their behavior. How can we change that to something positive? One word will put you on the right path to a better tomorrow, strive. Everyday, everyday decide today is great, tomorrow I will be better than today, and the next day will be even better.

It is a New Year! We have simple choices. Simple choices. If you break it down, it becomes simple. There are only two decisions for pretty much everything in life.

  • Yes/No
  • Up/Down
  • Good/Bad
  • Right/Wrong
  • Fast/Slow
  • Left/Right
  • Do/Don’t
  • Easy/Hard

Everything we do really comes down to choosing behaviors that will benefit our journey in life. So why not start today at the beginning of the New Year? When a decision about an action that affects our life, why not make the one that benefits us and consequently everyone around us. Our actions affect so many other people and we fail to realize that. Think about the Butterfly Affect. One simple, seemingly insignificant action we take unknowingly affects millions of people. Just making subtle changes in your life, like simply starting to crawl, then walk, then running will allow you to modify your behaviors and habits to make lasting change. Common sense and logic each and everyone of us have will tell us the choice we need to make. 99% of the time there are two ways to go. You know the right one, start this New Year.

I know without a doubt, every human being knows the right decisions to make in their lives to benefit themselves, their families, and consequently the world, everyone. Real change comes not from ads, worldly trends, and peer pressure. We were all born with a God-Given free will. Using our own consciousness to make the simple and right decisions will make all the difference in your life and all the world regardless of what it entails: relationships, health, money, life circumstance, job, in the end…

The Choice is Always Ours.

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