One of the most powerful health protocols you can possibly do is fasting. It has the capacity to turn around your life and your health problems. Miraculous life-changing events happen when somebody restricts solid food in their diet. Countless examples are available of people taking the first step in caloric restriction (solid food) have allowed them to stop medications, lose weight, overcome health conditions, and literally reinvent themselves.

How does this tie in with Discipline and Focus? You only need to understand it takes great willpower to be able to control one of the most powerful forces in one’s life, eating. It is actually a good exercise to bring discipline and focus into your life. I will be bringing more and more information about fasting in the Lifestyle portion of my website. It will reveal all of the transformational benefits that fasting can bring into your life.

We will explore the many different ways to fast. We will compare juice fasts to water fasts. We will look at the duration, the consequences, and intermittent vs. continuous fasts. I believe so much in fasting and how life-changing it can be, many books are listed in the books menu tab. It will become one of the main focuses to achieving your self-discipline. Believe it.

Take Your Life Back.

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